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The Home of Peace [ https://www.facebook.com/HomeofPeaceKL] was established in 1993, by Justine Morais to care for girls who had been orphaned or abandoned by their parents.  A wonderful lady let them have her family home  rent free for twelve years to house the girls. As the girls began to arrive – often referred by churches, concerned people and the Ministry of Welfare, work began in earnest.

The girls were often traumatised and unable to cope with even the basic tasks assigned to them. Schooling was a challenge for some of them. Almost all of them were deprived of an early education – none were able to either read or write when they arrived on the door step – and in keeping with the Law, they were enrolled in Government schools while they were still unprepared for it.

The girls coped with extra help after school and managed to complete their education. Some of the older ones  are now working adults. Education enabled them to secure good jobs in good working environments – such situations would not have happened if not for an education.

However recently the decision was made to educate the girls at home.


What are some of the girls doing now ? 

  • A sous chef ( temporarily on hold as she has a very young baby ! ) 

  • An early childhood educator 

  • A crew leader in a fast food outlet 

  • Two work in administration of their companies 

  • One studying in New Zealand for a Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood Education