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  • We have just received an update on Shalini's progress at Campus Rangers College.  

    Dear William and Steve,

    Shalini scored above eighty percent(grade A) in six of her subjects and above seventy percent (grade B) in the remaining two subjects of Science and Geography. Read more here ….

  • Home of Peace have found a Teacher, who we have agreed to fund until at least the end of 2017. Welcome, Alice, to the Home of Peace, we hope you enjoy teaching Justine's lovely girls.

  • We have agreed to provide the funding for Shalini to go to Campers Rangers College [where Susanna is studying for her iGCSE's]. for a year, to prepare her for taking her iGCSE's.   It was felt that the Hope of Peace is unable to provide the teaching and stimulation, to enable her to achieve her true potential.

  • We were also able to help fund the Christmas Concert given by the Girls in front of an audience of ninety friends and guests. It was a great success and much credit must go to Bernadette, and to Claire, for their hard work. 

  • At the start of this year we agreed to fund Susanna to go to Campus Rangers College for two years, to study for her iGSE's.
    We are very pleased to confirm our commitment to continue with this funding for her second year.

  • We have agreed to continue funding Margaret, the Administrator, for a further 12 months - that is until the end of 2016. This will give Justine and the girls the continuity of help and support, that we feel is so important for them all. 

  • We have also agreed to fund the total cost of upgrading the Computer systems at the Home of Peace Kuala Lumpur

  • We have funded a Trip to Penang for the girls and some staff members, for the story and photos go to the Home of Peace Facebook page -  https://www.facebook.com/HomeofPeaceKL

  • We have also funded a Field Trip to Selangor Pewter.

  • The search for a full time Teacher continues - however, we are hopeful that the Home of Peace will shortly be successful.

  • Meanwhile we have agreed to fund an Administrator; it was recognized that there was a need for this role, to aid the existing teachers, and to assist in the general administration of the Home.

  • Susanna is going to Campus Rangers College, to do her "IGCSE's". We have agreed to fund her for the 2 year course.

  • We are also planning to fund the upgrading of the IT systems within the Home, to ensure that the Teachers are able to make full use the facilities of the Hamilton Trust web based curriculum, that we were able to arrange.

  • We have funded two courses of Speech Therapy for Anna.  She is currently making very good progress. 

  • We have also funded emergency hospital treatment for Carolina, who contracted Dengue Fever, and was in intensive care for four days.

  • Anna is doing well - to quote Justine " Anna is doing very very well.  She is benefiting greatly from Speech Therapy - thanks to everyone at Sophie ' s Fund.  

  • Carolina is also doing well

  • Home of Peace has a new arrival - Sharmila's sister Madhavi, aged 3 - welcome to the Family.

News from Sophie's Fund -

  • We have now been able to establish a "Non Personal Trust", have a new Trust Account, and are Registered as a Charity by HMRC.

  • The Hamilton Trust have very kindly offered the Home of Peace Kuala Lumpur another years subscription to their web based curriculum, free of charge. Thank you Hamilton Trust for your generosity.    https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/

  • The review of the teaching methods, and teaching plan within the Home is now complete, and we have agreed to fund a full time teacher. for at least 12 months. The Home are currently advertising for a suitable candidate, who will hopefully be appointed soon.

  • We are now registered with Virgin Money Giving, and can accept donations on our site - you can either go to the "Donate" page, or click on the following link - http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/charities/SophiesFund  You can also set up your own page if you are planning an event, for which you want to be sponsored - like a Marathon !